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October 27 2012

I, more recently than not, have this mindset that if I don't ask, try or do I will never know.

I have kept so many things unsaid thinking that people can read my mind and have ended up disappointed in the outcome but really I should have just said what I felt or taken the next appropriate step before the disappointment came to sneak up on me. I have the “just do it” mindset now with everything in my life - whether it’s going up to someone new, asking for a promotion, or just being bold and trying to get what I want in life. A lot of situations shock me when it turns out in a positive way but of course there are things that don't turn out how I want them to but that just leads me to believe it is not meant to be. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and leads me to the next place that IS meant for me.

Embrace your path, take the chance/risk (so long as it is in a positive way) and live your life how you want. Things left unsaid will always be unsaid; things left undone will always be waiting to be finished....

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