I am but a bug.

October 26 2012


As this is 'the list serve'; I will 'serve a list'.
* I'm a 42 year old, legally blind, stay at home dad.
* I am: funny, intelligent, open-minded, creative, memorable, anal, logical, and a survivalist.
* 'And' should only be used in numbers with a fraction or decimal; e.g. two thousand twelve, NOT two thousand and twelve.
* 'Saw', i.e. the past tense of 'see', happens once, and is done. I saw the shooting star last night. 'Seen' is the past participle, and requires an auxiliary verb, e.g. has, have, had. 'Seen' is something that is more than once, or continuing. I have seen shooting stars every night this week.
* People 'lie', e.g. I lie on my bed to read. To 'lay' something requires an object. I lay my book on the nightstand before going to sleep.
* I love my wife, Lenora, and my children: Simone, Malakki, and Terra.
* Men are not all (created) equal. They should, however, have equal consideration and opportunities.
* Like yourself. If you don't, others won't either.
* Have you ever stopped to think ... and never started again?
* Objects and concepts (guns, drugs, religion, etc.) are neither good nor evil. There use defines the evil.
* Hope for the best, plan for the worst.
* I welcome comments, insights, insults, queries, or suggestions.

Be excellent to each other.

David Matters…
[email protected]
Kansas City, MO, USA, North America, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy

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