For you, a mixtape (biography)

October 10 2012

These five songs have shaped me as an individual, they have shaped the way I look at the world around me, and they have shaped my vision of the future I’d like to live.

Sébastien Tellier // La Ritournelle – I think I was already in love when I first heard this song, but in this song I disappeared deep into our life together. It’s possible this is the world’s most perfect song.

Brother Ali // Rain Water – I first saw Ali perform almost 10 years ago in a dive bar above a movie theater in St. Louis. Last week he sold out the Bowery Ballroom in New York. I hold close his music and life story as a reminder that greatness takes years to achieve.

Air // Run – To my dearest sister Emma. Your artwork is a gift to us all. I have come to accept that there are complexities and emotions behind it I may never understand – but this no longer gets in the way of me enjoying it.

Jay-Z // Beach Chair – “I said from not being afraid to fall out the sky.” Disrupting my comfort zone has never failed me as a means for achieving my desired path. Ad astra per aspera.

Dan Deacon // USA IV: Manifest – I am America. Through doubt, angst and struggle I push on, because at my core there is a tireless optimist driven by good values and the highest of aspirations.

Thank you for listening.

Elliot Darvick
[email protected]
Los Angeles, CA

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