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October 09 2012


I am second year medical student. This is not my first time being in second year. Yes, I failed my examinations. And I chose to redo the year rather than re-sits. Why? Maybe I was/am crazy. It was just a lot culminating at me losing my footing. I forgot to stand up and fight back. I forgot to do what I had to. Anyway, I know better now. I don't see it as a failure anymore. It is just everything never to do again for me. My parents don't know I am repeating my year of study. In fact, most of my family and friends don't. Instead, I chose to tell you guys. 20000+ strangers, few I know and have met, but mostly strangers.

I like to write in my spare time. Very very few people know this about me. I also love teaching. Here is something I wrote the other day.

Parallels or crossing paths? Which one do you pick? On parallels you are equidistant yet unable to meet. Ever. Temptations teasing so close by. Fights and flailing at a distance. With cross paths you just meet once to maybe an explosion of souls. Then you move on to the unknown to never cross again. So which one do you choose? I say take neither. Pick a line and stay on it. Sometimes behind, sometimes ahead. Other times above if not below. Yet on the same path. Always.

Sending you much love,

Amir Mohamed
[email protected]
London, United Kingdom

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