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September 19 2012

- Be nice to someone today and everyday.

I work in sales and deal with angry people everyday and all I ever think is, why? Why do you feel the need to belittle me when I'm trying to help you? You're made to feel like you're two inches tall, that everything (even the things you had nothing to do with) is with) is somehow your fault. The reason for someone's action isn't always clear but treating someone horribly because you've had a bad day is just inexcusable. So if you feel like flying off the handle and screaming at someone please stop, take a breath, and imagine if you were in their position. You just might change your tone.

-Handmade and from the heart.

In today's world everything is automated, digitized, prepackaged, almost everything is done for you. It's amazing what a handmade card or a made from scratch cookie can do to brighten up someones day. Plus the fact that you made it with your own hands gives you a feeling of self satisfaction that you just can't beat.

I've learned so much from the other ListServers thus far and I know what I have to say isn't profound but it's nice to be able to speak my mind.

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