Hello, from Brooklyn

September 18 2012

Everyday I am fascinated by the Listserve responses. Although I assume it is filtered to protect against hateful, sexual, prejudicial, racial, etc. emails, I am fascinated by what wonderful things people can squeeze into about 200 words.
I am no poet or philosopher so I can only offer you these words of wisdom : Don't allow yourself to become stuck in an endless cycle of negativity. Things will not change unless you change them. Stop and ask yourself, 'Do I really want to go down this road again?'. Only you can change the path you walk in life.

Josie's To-Do List
1) Love your family. Remember the first friends you have in life are your family.
2) If you're ever in NY don't forget to ride the subway and definitely visit Brooklyn. I have lived here all my life and its a beautiful place.
3) Read. & by reading I don't mean magazines. Grab a book and turn the pages.
4) Have a 'Me' day. Preferably a weekend day. Get a haircut, drink some wine, check into a hotel solo. Take care of yourself.
5) Learn to cook your favorite meal(s).
6) Lastly, take lots of pictures and tell the ones you love you love them as often as you can.

Feel free to share some insight on your country or city. I am a Tourism & Hospitality major and I would like to learn about new cities around the globe. Starting with the US and beyond.

Have a very lovely day :)
[email protected]
Brooklyn, NY

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