September 15 2012

My grandmother is my best friend. I call her Nanni. Most people aren’t as lucky as I am to have such a special person in their life, but I am and she is kind, wise, beautiful, intelligent, perfect. I am not telling her that I’m writing this about her because she is so selfless that she would probably talk me into writing about something else, like Obama or art or women’s health or exercising one’s right to vote – all important things that she would want to share with 22,000 listeners. Nanni is a renaissance woman. She can do anything, but I’m going to tell you some things that Nanni has taught me, and I live my life by these principles:

Be passionate.
Don’t let anyone’s opinion stand in the way of doing what you want.
If you care about something, fight for it.
If you love someone, tell them.
If you want to do something, the world is yours and you can do it.
Commit to something and follow through.
You daresn’t let anyone hold you back.
Embrace struggle and do what you can with the resources you’ve got.
Life is short.
Always try clothes on - they never look the same on your body as they do on the hanger.
Being unhappy is a choice, accepting failure and defeat isn't.
Ask questions, read a lot, travel, stay organized and informed.
If you don’t think you can, try harder.

Grandparents are really special people. Don’t forget to call yours and tell them you love ‘em.

Talia Klein
[email protected]
New York, NY

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