The Grand Experiment

September 14 2012

I’d like to use this grandest of forums to attempt this grandest of experiments: to launch the new company I’ve been incubating for the past several weeks.

Presenting... The Listserve Launch:

Without patronizing the Listserve user and explaining the crucial role social media plays in a company’s survival, I will just mention that there are thousands of businesses shelling out exorbitant fees for the right to have a behemoth of a consulting firm manage their Twitter and Facebook communities.

Bottom line: I’ve created a lean company, built around a small team of savants whose greatest acumen rests in nurturing vibrant online communities. We’ve worked for national brands and hot VC-backed startups. And since our overhead is basically nonexistent, our full-service social media platform is available for a pittance of what one of the bloated agencies would charge.

If you know someone who could use our services, help us at Silicon Alley Social gain a little positive momentum and pass our name along. We’ll be sure to reward anyone who helps us propel this social media pirate ship.

Thanks for being a part of our Listserve Launch!

Zach Napolitano
[email protected]

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