Make a damn phone call

September 12 2012

Call home; whether it’s the physical building you grew up in or where you went to school, just call home. Call your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters. Call your childhood best friend. Call your mother, father, and siblings. I am still fairly young but as I’ve aged, I’ve realized how easy it is to let relationships fade and to forget your roots. All of my successes and achievements are the results of many people over the years. I am the product of countless acquaintances and deep friendships. Every person I have met has had some effect on the knowledge I hold, my outlook on life, and the steps I have taken to end up where I am. Whether the encounters were positive or negative, I have to thank them all because I am pretty happy with the way things turned out.

So take the time to reflect on where you are and how you got here. Think about the people that have mattered to you throughout this journey; then reach back. Maybe the phone call will not be as satisfying as you anticipated but who knows? That call might in fact be just what the other person needed to uplift them from a rough week. Saying hello is easy and goes a long way.

Just do it, right now, go ahead.

Stanford, CA

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