September 11 2012

In two weeks, I'm getting on a plane with my best friend Haley and we're going to southern Spain (Seville, specifically). We have a few places in particular we're planning to visit (Granada, Cadiz, Ronda, Lisbon), but we've got seven whole weeks to see and do, well, pretty much whatever.

So I was wondering what you guys thought. Have you been to any places in western Europe that you'd adamantly recommend? Cities, beaches, specific bars or shops, fishing villages...whatever, really. What do you think is cool?

Also, if you live in a cool place in western Europe and maybe want to meet up for coffee or cervezas or something, you should email me. Let's have a time!

- Jonathan Youngblood
[email protected]
oklahoma city, ok (us)

PS: You should also know that I am the owner of over twenty turtles, including one internet-famous Sulcata tortoise (his name is Kevin...Google it).

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