it's not the destination but the journey

September 08 2012

A long time ago in a public school system far away, I learned stuff that would never appear on a standardized test, wrote reams of essays covered with red ink and wondered what the future held. It was the dawn of the digital age, and while I could clearly see how computers would change everything, everything about education did not. Yet the most valuable thing I learned was how to learn and how to fail. The easiest path to failure is to take risks. Everyday I try to do different things, to take a different path, to read something on a topic I've never explored. Today I am a serial entrepreneur. I'm on my seventh start up, an idea I conceived almost six years ago, and one that is all about exploring a journey instead of settling for a destination. Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, take an hour today and do something new. Whether its reading a random book, or walking around a new neighbourhood. Then keep on doing that every day. Before long you will be your learning journey. Who knows what you'll discover. Follow mine at @turfgrrl.

Jackie Lightfield
chief problem solver Pocket Tour Guide--Fresh Travel Guides for Independent Travellers
[email protected]

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