Wise words, set to music

September 07 2012

Whenever it comes to finding the right words for a situation (such as now), I often find myself unable to say something clear enough, powerful enough, or smart enough. Luckily, I can always find a songwriter who can do it for me. When I need words of hope or wisdom, or when I need to feel like someone else has felt the same pain and frustration as me, I look for it in song. It seems that here’s always someone who can speak my heart and mind better than I can. Sometimes I need a bit of energy, motivation, a good laugh, or just some entertainment. I find it all in music.

Look up these writers; I know they’ll give you something that speaks to you. You know how & where to find them. Their songs have done so much for me; the least I can do for them (and for you) is to hope that someone will discover them and enjoy their work, as I have. In no particular order:

Del Barber
Christina Martin
Leeroy Stagger
John K Samson/The Weakerthans
Jim Bryson
Willie P Bennett
Townes Van Zandt
Paul Kelly
David Francey
Matthew Ryan
Ron Hawkins/The Lowest of the Low
The Warped 45s
The Blue Shadows
Lynn Miles
NQ Arbuckle
Shannon Lyon
Rose Cousins
Oh Susanna
The Damnwells

These are just a few. Without these writers, I might not be alive today. I certainly wouldn’t be able to get by as well as I do. Let them move you.

Jeff Robson
[email protected]
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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