You and Me

August 11 2012


I'd like to share a few heavy thoughts about you and me.

You are worthy of love no matter what. You hold no dark secret, no horrible regret nor difference of opinion that lessens your value. You are important, you mean something, you deserve love. Further, what you believe, think and do are significant. You and I believe some true and false things, but we choose what we believe and how we live. And these choices matter.

Despite our significance, however, something about the world still isn't right. And I have questions.

I believe you and I are more than smart animals, but who are we? I believe death brings more than nonexistence, but what? I believe the standard of right and wrong comes from somewhere outside ourselves, but where? I believe God designed us and allows us to mess up, but loves us anyway and saves us through Jesus Christ. I don't understand it all, and I have doubts and questions, but I believe it's true and means a great deal to you and me.

Thanks for your time.

[email protected]
Baltimore, Maryland, United States

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