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August 10 2012

I have found many messages on this list inspiring and many more interesting and practical. I am always fascinated by the wisdom, stories and advice passed on in the daily messages and look forward broadening my perspective with each read. However, the aspect of the list that I find truly amazing is it's ability to put into perspective the similar views of such a diverse set of people.

So what do I have to offer? Merely some thoughts on web design...

I've spent the majority of my life working with computers and, recently, the web to craft web sites and applications for nearly every cause. I very much enjoy my trade as an art. But what is art without a viewer?

I'm sure the majority of the people on this list spend a fair amount of time surfing the web. I urge you to start paying attention to the details - appreciating the design and creativity put into it. Corporate websites may not be the best canvas but personal websites and blogs often baffle me in design, user experience and expression. Websites elicit emotion (too often mere frustration), convey a messages and provoke thought as effectively as a painting or symphony (atleast for us geeks).

So much of the web is tuned perfectly for your enjoyment - don't miss a chance to stop and smell the roses

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Cambridge, MA

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