You can help me!

April 01 2018

Hello people of the world and aliens disguised as humans that like to read the listserve of the world

If you believe in karma or doing a good deed every day, I got you! You can help me out a lot!
If you don’t believe in any of that... well, you can still help me out though!

I want you to check out Pugkop on Instagram and/or Facebook. Im not asking you to blindly follow. Just check it out, and if you like it you can follow and maybe tell your friends ��

The thing is: I put work in these pages and I think they’re funny. They’re photo’s of my parents’ pug, but I try to make funny captions. Ive been told it makes a lot of people smile.
Ive been at it for some years now, but I can’t seem to reach an audience.
I know it’s stupid for a 26yr old woman to care so much about an Instagram/Facebook page about a pug, but I got really passionate about it somehow.

If you have feedback and don’t like it, please let me know why!


If you don’t have the time or are not feeling it right now, you can write it down somewhere (pugkop) and maybe take a look during a horrible family gathering, useless powerpoint, trying to look busy so people won’t talk to you, on the toilet,...

If you’re a serious adult and are really not interested in dogs on the internet, you can still check it out and maybe tell your kids or friends that might like it

Also: you can email me, i’d love to talk! You can ask me anything

Ok bye love you

Toke Lowie
[email protected]

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