Building for the future

March 27 2018

Winning the Listserv, great!

Must be on a winning streak. We recently won another prize: a tender for a building project. Felt a little strange, entering a competition to win the right to hand over a large sum of money, but hey, the Amsterdam housing market is what it is (c.r.a.z.y.).

So we have now started this project of a lifetime: together with three other families (all friends) we are transforming a block of former rental apartments into four family homes. Building a future in a city we love and were afraid we'd have to leave because of the insane real estate prices. Communal garden, sustainable, eco friendly. The building has a near-monumental status, which comes with its challenges but also means it will be absolutely gorgeous when finished.

Exciting times lie ahead of us. And one filled with new experiences and problem solving. So if any of you have experience with this type of thing, and want to share, please do. And if you'd like any advice on how we went about writing the winning plan, I'm also happy to share.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
[email protected]

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