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March 05 2018

I always wondered what the email winners of the Listserve received said. Now I know.

I don’t remember when exactly I joined the Listserve, but I do know that I joined because of a Listserve email my best friend Nikki had forwarded to me years ago. I never really gave all that much thought into what I would write if I won, but I always knew that if I did, the first thing I would do was thank the person that shared their story in that email. I thought I had saved that email – but I searched in every folder I could think of – to no avail.

You wrote about coming out as queer to your husband and that while it was a difficult thing for you to do – how freeing it was. When I got forwarded your email – I had just come out my husband and a few close friends. Reading your email made me feel a little less alone in my situation and if you are still reading the Listserve – thank you for that. From the bottom of this stranger’s heart.


I spent 9 years of my young life in the US Army. I deployed in 1999 to Bosnia for a year and again in February 2003 for 16 months to Iraq. Join the Army, they said. See the world. I got to visit and explore many parts of the world thanks to the US Army. France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, and the UK to name just a few. Those experiences opened this one stop light town girl’s eyes to how other parts of the world live, and how other parts of the world view us. Those 9 years helped shape who I am today and for that I will forever be grateful.

From the first moment I stepped foot in Europe – I knew that someday I was going to live there. Living in the UK has always been the number one item on my bucket list. Even if it’s just for a year – I want to make this dream a reality. I know that this is not something that is as easy as moving from Buffalo, NY to Chicago – but I know that it can be done.

So, I am asking you, dear Listserve, have any of you relocated to a different part of the world and if so how did you make it happen? What are some obstacles you faced and how did you navigate them? I’ve thought about applying to get my masters at a University, but I know there are strict policies in place regarding working and studying as an international student. My current job does allow me the freedom to work remotely so having that in my pocket, I am hoping, will be a pro vs. con.


I am a Slytherin and Hufflepuff’s are my favorite people in the world.


I want to meet someone who participated on the show Double Dare. Especially if you won a life time supply of Bonkers candy.


Be kind to one another.
Go Bills.

Chicago, IL
[email protected]

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