Three requests and three favorites

March 03 2018

It has been a hard week. Once again, more kids have been gunned down in a senseless act of violence. However, kids give me hope. They have taken this tragedy which could sink them, and instead rallied to demand changes to make this a safer and more civilized world.

Three things I ask:
1) Treat others as you want to be treated. Everyone has a backstory which isn't fully known. Before dismissing others, put yourself in their shoes and look through their eyes. Or better yet, give them a smile and a kind word or even engage with them. We are all 99+% the same. Why don't we recognize that?
2) Vote!! Democracy works when ALL are heard. Many have died so that you can vote. Please honor them by doing so.
3) If you haven’t already done so, engage in the arts. Take up painting or sculpting. Become involved with theatre, or my personal favorite, music. I have been involved with bands and choirs my entire life and I would never want to give it up. Music touches our soul and connects us to one another. Music can soothe us and heal us.
I have many favorite kinds of music, but a particular favorite is a cappella.

For a cappella music, I urge you to look up the Ambassador of Harmony on youtube. 76 Trombones is my favorite as it combines my love of band and chorus.
Also look up Vocal Spectrum Quartet and Crossroads Quartet. These guys are phenomenal and they are all the nicest guys you would ever want to meet.

Dave Stookesberry
St Louis
[email protected]

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