My heart overflows with gratitude.

February 04 2018

Here’s what I know.

I couldn’t be here without that undying love of my wife, my high school lover and the mother of my children… sometimes you just have to tell the ones that you love how you feel because some people prefer clarity over ambiguity. Thank you for letting me experience heaven right here on earth Melis.

Second, thank you my immigrant family who came to Canada to find a better life for my brother and I which I am forever grateful for. All of them have supported me and have been honest with me especially when I needed the criticism.

Finally, thank you teachers for helping our kids become citizens and contributors of the community, our country and the world. We are all indebted to you for the type of work that you do and for your generosity.

My teacher taught me that if you act well the part, there all the honour lies.

I am grateful to reach all of you.


[email protected]
Beautiful Toronto, Canada

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