It's like winning the lottery

January 25 2018

I honestly never thought I would get picked, so I've never thought about what I would say if that happened. A lot of the people who get chosen are very compelling writers. Some people even mess with the formatting to better fit the storytelling. It becomes a form of expression, and I think that is very cool.

I don't have any interesting stories or anecdotes to tell, so I'm going to talk about things that I enjoyed this year. In particular movies. Almost every week I've done a movie night with a few friends. We usually watch one, or two films. Its a good time, and it's great seeing people react to a movie you love. Two movies from 2017 I would recommend are Wind River, and Paddington. Tonally these movies are opposites one is literally cold and bleak. The other possibly the most wholesome movie of 2017. Thanks for reading my spiel about a kids movie centered around a CGI bear. If anyone has any kpop, or ambient music recommendations I would love to hear them.

Have an excellent week, Brandon

United States
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