Am I the only one?

January 22 2018

Am I the only one who…
- lives in a mayor capital city, pays a shitload of rent and complains that her house is actually too big?
- doesn’t dare to watch 16+ movies? (I’m 29.)
- really wants to have those African hips to dance a better Azonto (check this dance out on YouTube. You also want this, right?)
- bought an oldtimer (a Citroën 2cv) “because it’s such a lovely car” and then realised she couldn’t fix it when broken down?
- wants to sell a wrong size bra on Marktplaats (the Dutch eBay) and then got the question if she also sells worn slips?

If not, please let me know. I will definitely feel better.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

All the best from Amsterdam,

[email protected]

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