mind officially blown

December 19 2017

If you're looking for something interesting, find "The Bible Project" on YouTube. I ran across their animated videos two years ago, and they are addictive (truly good animation is a rare thing these days). In 6 minutes or less, two hipsters from Portland explain themes from biblical literature, entire books of the Bible, or Hebrew words. These guys are just so relatable, honest about what they don't know, and thinking deeply about what the Bible says that I come away having learned something completely new each time.

People get caught up in debates and controversy around what Christians believe. Sometimes it's shocking how those claiming to have the strongest Christian conviction have such a naive understanding of the Bible. And those who take the opposite stand are often also ill-infomed, drawing their sense of what is in the Bible from rumor, second-hand accounts, and distant memories from childhood. I thought I knew the Bible pretty well when I first came across their stuff, and my mind was blown. So if you're tired of these debates, or you've always been curious about ancient biblical literature and not known where to start, check it out.

I recommend their videos "Image of God" and "Heaven and Earth" to start, or any of their podcasts.

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