Walk On By

December 13 2017

1970s rural Iowa

A couple of tough, race car driving brothers went down to the bar after the weekly stock car races. A few other local tough guys were there also. One tough guy started a fight with the younger of the two brothers. Somebody broke it up. The brothers left town and headed to the popular truck stop restaurant.

The brothers ordered their food. In came the same local tough guys from the bar. They sat down in the booth next to the brothers. It was not long before one tough guy was taunting younger brother by poking him in the back. Younger brother (who is quite a tough guy with quite a short temper) must not have been feeling well because he continued to just sit there. Older brother was much more even tempered. Until you mess with his family.

“Enough’s enough. Leave him alone.”

One more poke.

Tough guy knocked over in his chair. Booths broken. Chairs busted. Food everywhere. Everything knocked down. Place leveled. Just like the movies.

The Boondocks had to be remodeled.

My dad never got into trouble for that. He said the cops probably didn’t want any part of it. Ha! Different times.

My dad has entertained my brother and I with a lifetime of stories. True stories. He is the most honest and humble man I have ever known. My dad passed in 2015.

Unwanted advice in 3, 2, 1...write down, record, document the life and times of those important people in your life. My nearing 40-year-old brain has lost most of these great adventures.

The last time I won the Listserve (2013), I told the story of when my dad got together with the girlfriend of a guy in a motorcycle gang.

I still greatly enjoy the music of the Avett Brothers. I still live in Baton Rouge. I still have fierce love and loyalty to eight people even though one of the eight is now composed only of memories.

Baton Rouge
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