Adding history to history

December 05 2017

Beep beep. Beep beep. I put down my metal detector, start digging, and uncover my first ever-found silver coin. It is from 1566! It is worth probably two Dollars, but for me it is like finding a huge treasure. You know what? Later that day, I dig up my first Roman coin. But more of that later on.

It took me a while to get here. For over two decades, I am an amateur detectorist. And with amateur I mean noob. I went out for three of four times a year, with a metal detector that wouldn't notice the Titanic if it was placed in the steering cabin. But I was outside, in the sun, digging up cool stuff. (Luckily for me smaller pieces than the Titanic) A couple of months ago, I bought myself the 'France Ferrari of metal detecting'. It is an awesome wireless light as a feather modern machine that I like to call my Nimbus 2000. With that, I have left the Junior League behind me.

Boom, my findings increased enormously. I am spending more time searching. Spending more time searching for good places to search. And on a particularly beautiful day uncovered my first silver coin. Three hours later. Beep beep. Beep beep. I put down my metal detector, start digging, and uncover a tiny coin. A one cent? I am a bit disappointed. And it doesn't even have a former Queen on it, but some guy with a helmeted bust. Wait, what? It is just after a couple of minutes that I realize I just found my first Roman coin and am adding history to history. And in the couple of minutes after that, I did a combination of the Robot and the moonwalk which is impressive with massive boots on. Later, the coin was dated AD mid-330s, a nummus of the House of Constantine!

So, I am from Holland. If you ever want to start using a metal detector or have some acres of land filled with historical stuff that you want to get rid of, do not hesitate to contact me. (Even if you are in need of lessons in the Robot)


Gijsbert de Fokkert
[email protected]

PS: Yes, it is better to not translate my name into English.
PS2: Because I pretend to be a journalist in normal life, here is some writing advice for Listserve winners:
- Do not start your story with 'I did not know what to write'. Just start with your story.
- Same thing goes for 'I was always wondering what I would write if I ever won the Listserve'.
- Do not let other writers ever tell you what to do.

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