MMXVII & Second Best Records

November 19 2017

It's close to winter this MMXVII and I am here in Montréal, Canada. Exactly one year and five months ago, I started my very own record label - Second Best - with the intention of building a neat little community of artists whom I adore and want to help suceed.

The label has a diverse roster - some artists make indie rock, folk, nu-cello, or psych. Other projects make pop, shoegaze, adult disco, or post-rock. Overall, everyone has a boundary pushing and experimental mindset.

To try to make this interesting I have hidden (not really, but kinda) a LINK to a Google Drive sheet on the labels website - it contains 30 download codes for each of our releases :) Click the lightning bolt on the website's footer for access!

I will update the sheet in the next few days/weeks by striking through what has been used - hope everyone enjoys.

I still can't believe what the label has accomplished in this short period of time. I never thought when starting this project I would be working with the big Montréal heavyweights who directly inspired me (GSYBE, Braids, AF, PW, to casually name a few).

With that in mind, Montréal's music community is small. It is special. I invite anyone to shoot me a message should they find themselves in the city and want to come out to a show, my treat.

Love & ecstatic peace.


Charles B.
Montréal, QC
[email protected]

* Special thank you's to both Eva & Thurston for inspiration writing this one.
** Send me your music - I listen to everything sent my way.

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