My past 2 months

November 13 2017

* Health

* I’ve done some sort of physical activity every day. This has been a top priority of mine

* Running – there’s a track nearby that’s been wonderful. I used to run track in high school, and it feels like an old friend. I’ve gotten much faster!

* Biking

* Sleeping well!

* Being kind to myself, and noticing when I’m not

* Bought a new set of toothbrushes. They’re my new favorite (called the Nimbus)

* Coliving

* I’ve been living in a wonderful community for 5 months now

* Cooking once a week, for 2 hours

* Made bread for the first time

* Gardening! I planted seeds for the first time. They haven’t yet flourished, but I have hope.

* Lots of time hanging out with people and eating dinner with them

* Breakfasts are often my favorite

* I also do what I can to help out – cleaning, organizing things, and helping out with a transition to Slack

* We had an event called “roomwarming” where everyone shows off their room to the house. I made crepes and got the house to play the game Sardines

* Set up a new router

* Customized my room to hang my skateboard and bike, and installed shelves

* Our house got 3 new kittens! I try to see them most days. I sometimes just brush my teeth next to them.

* Reading a few random magazines, books (I randomly saw a new book by John Krakaur, who’s one of my favorite authors. I wasn’t interested in getting into the gritty details of Mormon Fundamentalism , but the first 20 pages were fascinating.)

* Writing this blog post!

* Software Design

* I’ve been learning software design principals from a friend of mine in Boston. Most recently, I put together a design case study of a popular open source repository.

* I’ve been taking two classes at a nearby college: Programming Languages and Databases

* Small Tasks

* Diagnosed the check engine light and SRS light on my car

* Bought a monitor on craigslist

* Bought a bike on craigslist (and got locked out of my car, eek)

* “Fun” things

* I did a scavenger hunt with some friends.

* Various house gatherings and parties

* Catching up with friends

* Went to my first EDM concert

* Fountain Hopping

* Iceland for 10 days

* White water rafting

* Burmese food for the first time

* Various parties and gatherings at friends houses

* I’m visiting Boston this weekend to hang out with friends! It took a decent amount of planning.

* Learning Adobe Illustrator – about 8 hours in total

* Art! I used colored pencils for the first time in over 6 years

* Science Hackathon

* Visited my friend at a nearby college he’s teaching at

* Experimenting with coworking – I have a few friends that also don’t have full time jobs, and I’ve been learning what it’s like to work with them

* Beginning to learn Piano. I’ve practiced on 7 different occasions over the past 2 months (or so my notes say).

* A group of friends and I have each built our own 6-week curriculum to follow. Mine focused on learning more about jobs. We met once a week to present our progress.

* I went to a yearly gathering at the Internet Archive

* Investigating the life of being a software contractor

* I did 28 hours of contracting for my past company

* I filled out some profiles to help get matched with other companies

* I talked to a friend that’s been contracting for 2 years, and has been loving it

* Things I have purposefully not been doing

* Reading any kind of political news

* Reading my facebook news feed (I’ve disabled this for 2.5 years now)

Chase Lambert
[email protected]

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