One home, one family

November 10 2017

I'm more than elated when I got this message—the winning listservs. :-)
"If you have the opportunity to address 25,000 people what would you say to them?" My thought asked me prior the day I got notified of my winning.
Now this is it. We live in an age where majority seem to have found solace and fulfilment in the individualistic lifestyle. Many people seem to prefer going alone, instead of travelling communally. How far can we really travel, if all we want is to go alone; how long?
It's my honour to be able to address and talk my heart out to someone out there—someone or a people I have never seen nor met, but I believe we could someday become a family :-)
My passion is to carry the message of the kingdom that is unshakeable, and suited the eternal destiny of the whole humanity. That's the only yoke I carry, and I'll love to carry, always. There is a kingdom once talked about and presented, in an age when humanity seemed busy with their own activities and programs. The unshaken kingdom.
Can't we all live together as a family, can't humanity be one instead of scattered pebbles? Humanity needs care, love, friendship, and a place they could call home; and a people they could call family.
Yet, without a proper and accurate understanding of the kingdom that is made without human hand, humanity has gotten no home to call his abode, and no people to call family. We all deserve a home that can't be destroyed in the face of economic crisis, a love that never dwindles, and a family that can never be scattered on the basis of individual differences.
We all need a sense of belonging, a part of us that founds joy, peace, and voice in the midst of crowded society. And what else can give us this except by founding and locating a home, and a family within the large families of the earth?
We all need healing, yet there is a healing in the kingdom (the family). But, over time, this kingdom ideology has been sent into oblivion or given less consideration because it could be used as a tool in the hands of the heartless individuals to deceive, extort, and exploit others who lack knowledge of its features. But it's not too late. Friend, there is a greenlight at the end of the tunnel.
The kingdom can be reclaimed, humanity can found his place in the order of things within the nature again. We can reconnect ourselves I strongly believe. The world can experience healing again, but only if we are ready for this paradigm. But I assure you friend that it is possible! We do not have a kingdom whose king infringes or preys on the citizen's innocence, but who needs your consent (personal decision) before he can move forward into the second phase with you. You are part of the decision making process, because he sees and treats you as kings and princes.

Would you like to be part of a revolutionary family, something known for QUALITY and not just quantity? You can connect me on my email: [email protected]
And as have always said, if you think you are not ready to change the cause of history because you don't need it, why don't you just attempt it anyway, the posterity may need it! The world needs healing, and the healing is in our midst...because there is a kingdom within us. The unshakeable kingdom.

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Stay healthy. Stay loving. Stay supportive.

Timothy Olumide
[email protected]

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