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November 08 2017

So, Hello.

It’s been more than two years since I joined, and I always wanted to be selected for this. When I woke up this morning, I reached for my phone and found out that I have made it! I was so excited! So many things that I wanted to say!
I dealt with depression and it started two years ago. I didn’t know that it was called depression. All I know, my boss was oppressing my colleagues and me, and before I knew it, I was ruining my own relationship. After I got out of the “dark times”, my ex fiancé broke our yearlong engagement, saying that I damaged the relationship because of my depression. I pushed him out because I wanted him to understand that I want him closer to help me, and then at that time I thought it was also my fault for not clearly stated what I want. Turns out he was cheating on me. No Bueno. My depression is getting better mid-2017, no more sneaking out pills to keep myself calm, and I am getting better at my job too.
I forgot how to flirt, after being in 2 years of relationship, and I was almost telling this guy that I know that I like him, but I was drunk at one point I fell asleep afterwards without finishing my sentences. Since he is most definitely not in this (I think, he’s busy traveling), and I will most likely not going to meet him again, Hey Mr D, I like you. I think you are super funny and armed with plenty of stories that can keep me up all night, and I would love to just hang out with you listening to all that and let all the stories sink in just the two of us (because my friends keeps making me blush). I think you already know that.
I advise people to visit my beloved home country of Indonesia, and it is so happen to be my current job as well. Hit me up if you want some tips about traveling this diverse country, or want me to arrange your trip. You can choose whether you’d like to do it professionally, or want to do it in backpacking manners, and I can seriously help you plan and arrange, no bullshit just traveling  Write me if you also like a penpals, I reply fast :D
I like books! Yes I understand, Global Warming, trees, paper, no good… but nothing beats the feeling when you flip a page, and the smell of its paper seeping in... OH! I have no current books to read at the moment, but I collect Sir Conan Doyle, Jodi Picoult, Dan Brown, Nicholas Sparks, Ilana Tan, and books with conspiracy theory. Before bed, the past week I’ve been re-reading Lupus (an Indonesian funny novelette)
My fart and I had a duet, and it was beautiful. Recently we covered Alors on Danse and Marsmello – Wolves. If you have any good Francophone songs, let me know! I know several e.g Louane, CdP, team BS (I know its old but so vvat!) but I want more!
Last but not least, H Suzana, you’re a cool best friend and I love you. I was so happy that you got married although at first I didn’t really trust the guy, but I’d give you everything so that you can keep on teach me how to grow to be a better human.
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