To hear truth, listen without judgment

October 31 2017

"For Christmas in 2013 my beloved mother wrote her five children a short letter entitled, "One hundred fifty-seven words for my children." She told me this is what she would send The Listserve if she ever won. I wouldn't be the man I am today were it not for the amazing love and support of my mother so I thought I would honor her by sharing with you all her 157 words.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Always check behind the curtain.
Never drink the Kool-aid.
Crack the nut.
Trust your gut.
Survive the earthquake.
You are responsible for yourself.
Creativity is part of breathing.
Surrounding yourself with art and music.
Life is communication, destination, and boundaries.
Only ascetics thrive in the desert.
Avoid religion; it is a plague.
Embrace God, who is good and loves humankind.
Do not judge.
Do not be offended.
Do not be afraid.
Tell those you love they are beautiful and handsome.
Be the whiteboard.
To hear truth, listen without judgment.
Learn for yourself.
Small things make the difference.
Know when something is finished.
Do not be constrained by other people's worldviews; even this one.
Re-imagine the paradigm then live outside the box.
Think big picture and just keep zooming out.
Appreciate the value of words: written, spoken, lived.
Tread gently, with mercy and love.
Jesus loves you.

Oliver (Ozzie) Crocco
Washington, DC
[email protected]

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