October 21 2017

Hey guys,
My name is Stephanie and I'm a thirty year old living in Manchester, England. I think it is fortuitous that I have won the listserve just as I am about to embark on a adventure with my best friend of fifteen years Ellen.

We have given up our jobs and everything we own, except for what we can fit in our backpacks! I'd really appreciate some tips/advice and some ideas of places to visit and things to do.

Our first port of call is Vietnam and then hopefully the rest of Southeast Asia. I'd love to find some hidden gems and maybe travel to somewhere I've never really thought about going to before.

I thrive on a challenge and am somewhat of a adrenaline junkie so all ideas welcome, anything goes! I'd love to hear your stories about your own travelling experiences and things you think are a must see/do! Wish me luck :)

stephanie king
[email protected]

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