Um, help?

September 08 2017

I just quit my job.

Well, at the end of June.

I was an editor at a magazine. Now I’m a full-time freelance writer and editor, and it’s amazing and terrifying.

I can run in the morning and not be late for work! I haven’t used a blowdryer in two months! I will totally go out for (lots of) drinks with you on a Tuesday! I pick the projects I want! I make my own rates! I’m gonna wear a face mask during this call! I’m the master of my destiny, or something like that!

Holy shit, am I making enough money? Oops, didn't talk to anyone today! Does my partner secretly think I’m lazy? Will I ever get paid for that big project I finished 6.2 weeks ago? Does a pickle and a piece of cheddar cheese count as lunch? Have I felt the sun today? AM I MAKING ENOUGH MONEY?

I’m not sure if this is a forever thing, or a right now thing. I’m not even sure how to figure that out.

I also haven’t quite figured out the best routine or what tools and apps and etc might help me the most and how to maximize my earning potential and how I can prep now for having babies in the next few years and how to make my website cool.


I’d love to hear from anyone who has or is making a go of being a full-time freelancer (or running their own online business). Send me tips, commiserations, recommendations, warnings, etc?

Email me: [email protected]

Jaclyn, 28, Toronto

Jaclyn Tersigni
[email protected]

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