July 30 2017

Dear all,

I've been reading all your amazing letters for years and now that I won I have no idea what to say. What could I possibly write to contribute to your lives as much as you have contributed to mine?

I don't really have an inspiring message to send, so let me tell you about the most upbeat creature I know, my dog Bilbo. He is basically an ostrich in disguise, he will eat anything he is not supposed to. Earplugs are his favorite, but he has eaten gloves, earphones, stuffed animals and chunks from the wall. Once I woke up to see my floor, my desk, my computer and my couch full of red paw prints. I got worried it might be blood, but what I found was just a red dog with a half eaten marker in his mouth. Despite failing miserably at being a dog, Bilbo is always happy and grateful. He teaches me every day how to take life lightly and find joy in every moment.

Kind regards,


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