Other Life In the Universe; The Necessary Perception of "Bad Things"

July 04 2017


The universe is really old. And big. Do you really think that humans are the first/only species to become that "intelligent"?

But if there are supreme beings, why would they let "bad things" happen? Well, the ability to at least perceive that "bad things" happen is essential to consciousness/learning/experiencing existence. How would you draw the line between what "bad things" are prevented from the "bad things" that are allowed to happen? If you eliminated all the bad, we would all become homogenous and effectively unconscious (there would be no perception of time, no concept of self). Even the concept of having to wait (1 minute, then 1 second, then 1 picosecond) would become excruciatingly painful. "I can't believe that I had to wait 10 nanoseconds to get from point A to point B. Existence is so hard - I wonder if it is even worth it." The easier things become, the more sensitized everyone is to even the slightest hardship.

Don't worry! Ultimately, bad things do not have to actually happen. But, we have a continuing need to perceive that they are happening in order to preserve perception, experience and consciousness (as well as the concepts of goals, desires, feelings, the perception of the existence of choices, etc.).

One last musing: God does not discriminate on the basis of belief in God. Neither should we. This includes atheists and agnostics. God/Gods/Supreme Beings are not so petty. Your beliefs or non-belief, as they are and as they will become, are valuable -- they add to your and Our experience. Work through it to figure out what you can :) And become a vegetarian or vegan :)

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