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June 19 2017

Hi Everyone,

I honestly started to believe that I would never win the listserve. I've been on the list for over 5 years, have 1,575 listserve emails still in my inbox, and have read and treasured every email I have been sent over those years.

Since signing up, I have lived in 4 different countries, traveled across Europe, fallen in love, and have finally moved back to where I was born - Toronto, Canada. My favourite part of traveling is trying new food everywhere I go, so I'm going to spend my submission telling everyone my favourite places to eat in the cities I've lived in.


- The Detroit Eatery. (This is a hockey themed diner that sells great diner food )
- Aunties and Uncles.
- Sushi on Bloor.
- Adamson bbq. (the best bbq I've had in Canada)


- Dishoom
- Polpo
- The Southampton Arms (not a restaurant, but an AMAZING pub)


- Sahara (they do peanut butter Doner kebabs!)
- Burgermeister (it's in a converted subway washroom!)
- Liadak (also not a restaurant, but a bar my partner and I fell in love with when we lived there).

Madrid (It's been a while ...)

- El Cisne Azul (An amazing mushroom place)
- Mercado San Miguel

What are your favourite restaurants? What's the best meal in your hometown? I'm always looking for new places to travel, and new things to try. Let me know!!

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