If you can read this, thank a teacher

June 02 2017

Public school teachers are tired. We are tired of working long long hours for not enough money. We are tired of people complaining that we aren't doing enough or changing enough or preparing kids the right way. We are tired of spending our own money on things to make our classroom better. We are tired of staying late, coming in early, working on weekends, just to get everything perfect. BUT...we will keep doing it! I will hustle for my kids every damn day and do whatever it takes to provide the best education I can to them. And pretty much every teacher will.

I'm a public school teacher in an urban school. We never have enough technology, enough parent support, enough money. Our kids come from places where they don't get food, don't get clothes, don't get love. I spent over $2000 of my own money last year on my classroom and my kids. I will spend that and more if it means my room is a safe and special place for kids that don't feel that way anywhere else.

In this political climate, public school teachers are scared about the future. Money that is already not enough is dwindling. I teach in Kansas; last year we made national news when the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that our state had criminally underfunded public schools. Charter schools are being pushed at a national level, which threatens public school funding. Regardless, I still have 12 year olds showing up at my door every day that need an education.

We need your support. If you know a teacher, ask them what you can do to make their life easier (spoiler alert: $$$). If you don't know a teacher, I encourage you to go to Donors Choose and make some classroom wishes come true. If donations aren't feasible for you, ask to volunteer. Email a former teacher and tell them the impact you had on their life. Be an activist for public education.

If you have questions about why public education is important, what awesome innovative things we are doing, or want to see photos of my classroom/ our renovated camper/my dog Butters, hit me up on social media. Also, support your national parks!

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