May 27 2017

Letters and words ….I like playing with them. So I’ll use the alphabet to guide me through the unusual task of addressing thousands of you out there not knowing whether this has been done before, as I have only been a member of the list for a few weeks. 26 letters to give you some idea of what I am like. Here we go.
A Abhorrence of loud music being played at parties. Then it is either dance or leave.
B Bridge, a silent game. I love it.
C C. is my husband. I love him too, most of the time.
D I am Dutch.
E End. I am very aware of the fact that there is an end to everything.
F It might be better not to amplify this letter.
G Grandchildren. In September I ‘ll have 10 of them.
H Heredity. In various ways, my late father’s love of words lives on in his children , grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.
I Idleness. I don’t like it.
J Judgmental. Unattractive in any person.
K Kitchen. It’s where I spend a great of time, cooking, reading or talking.
L Late. Hardly ever.
M Memory. I should write down more of the things I fruitlessly think I will remember.
N Natation, another word for swimming. I swim every summer, trying to keep my hair dry.
O Origan. I grow it in our garden, along with other herbs. Quite practical to have it at hand.
P Practical. I like practical solutions.
Q Questions. I constructed thousands of questions for educational purposes,, most of them in multiple choice format.
R Russia. I’ll fly there tomorrow morning.
S St Petersburg. It will be our first stop. Then Riga and Tallinn.
T Tavener, one of my favourite composers, along with Arvo Part, Philip Glass, Fauré and many others.
U University. A great impact on my life.
V Virgin.
W Winning. I like to win when playing bridge.
X Xmas. Vastly overrated and an unhappy time for lonely people
Y Yosemite, having been there I’ ll never forget how to pronounce it.
Z Zero, no more letters to go!


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