The Pope vs. Elon Musk

May 14 2017

I recently viewed two TED talks.

In one, the Pope spoke about the necessity to care for people in need, to stay hopeful, and to be tender with one another.

In the other, Elon Musk shared his dreams of underground tunnels that shorten our commute and spaceships that help us become a multi-planetary species.

At first, these two messages seem diametrically opposed. The Pope asks us to focus on those around us, while Musk focuses on abstract challenges far away.

Yet from another perspective, their messages are similar. The Pope and Musk both dream of a better world. The difference is in their vision of a better world. The Pope sees a better world as one with less human suffering and more kindness. Musk sees a better world as one in which we reduce the likelihood that humanity is wiped out.

As a consequence, they lead different kinds of organizations.

Which vision do you most believe in? The Pope's or Elon Musk's?

What is your vision for a good world?

And, most importantly, which organizations are getting us there?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

New York City
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