Five parts one

May 05 2017

They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, for better or for worse. In that case, here is my introduction.

I am one part adventurer. I climb big snowy mountains. I thrive in extreme conditions, risk, and uncertain environments. I prioritize the analog world over the digital. I feel most at home when far from civilization, sitting with friends around a campfire. I start communities, and encourage others to find adventure of all forms in their own lives. I am a bit held down by my job, but I believe deeply in the venture and I get to hang out with lots of really smart scientists. I am seldom home. I’ve built my own house. I am a minimalist, and yet can’t quite rid myself of material desires. I am in debt - I took on big student loans because everyone told me I should go to the best school I could. Some days I’m ready to drop everything and sail around the world.

I am an accomplished game designer, software engineer, and illustrator. I read ravenously. I mediate complex emotional turmoil on my team. I am the peacekeeper. I seek learning and teaching moments in all my intellectual endeavors. When I take breaks, I want to suffer more than in my daily life so work by comparison seems “easy.” Closing the loop on technical details always seems to fall to me.

I am floating. It’s hard to make commitments. I want to try all the new things. I seek quality in everything I do - from cooking, to fashion, to reading, to interactions. I crave meeting new people and finding out the most unusual things about them. I do not judge people by their walk of life, I want to know them for who they are. I come across as strong and smart and stable, until I’m willing to let my guard down a little bit.

I work on cars. My life has been a succession of opposite extremes. From travel to semi-pro sports to injury to all-nighters on the craziest projects you can imagine. I care deeply about the executional details of my work and want to bring out the best work in others. I see the full truth, and the layers of irony. I am true to my word. Sometimes I gossip too much.

I say yes too easily. I overcommit myself, usually for the sake of others. Sometimes I am so deeply caught in an empathy or sympathy loop that it is hard to function like a normal human. I am willing to uproot my life when I can imagine a better future. And yet, I feel displaced from my home. I have three citizenships. I have travelled alone in parts of the world where they tell women not to go.

It’s nice to meet you. Say hi, I would love to hear your aspirations, inspirations and contemplations. Find me on instagram @kschnipp ~

Kate Schnippering
San Francisco, CA
[email protected]

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