May 03 2017

From a wee little infant
We begin to decide
Who we'll be when we're older
And our options are wide

Our wants are confusing
And rather contrived
How can a 5 year old know what to strive for,
When she doesn't yet know who she is inside?

So we base our paths
On influences we're supplied
Opportunities begin to take shape
From the great world outside

Some of us may "know"
While most feel the great existential divide
Caught up in planning, Or
Enjoying the ride?

I myself decided at 5
That I'd be that person,
Experienced as I am NOW,
Because I did in fact try

NOW that I'm HERE
I can look back with pride,
For following the path
That served as my guide

(And HERE is where I notice
We all need a guide
To help us make sense
Of a life mystified)

Yet being HERE NOW
What the present supplied
Is that my wants are ever-changing
…from that my life amplified!

The goal is now gone
I am where I factored
What's next to propel me
To write my next chapter?

While feeling content,
You can too feel complacent
An achievement is great, though not the end
For that we must trust and be patient

To search is to experience
To explore grows your soul
Each adventure turns emptiness,
Holes, into the proverbial WHOLE

While I know I can't recall
Every last part of my passage
The outcome has unquestionably
Left my spirit at a vantage

The ride is the journey
The journey the key
The key has unlocked
What's inside of me

And so our paths should be
Move full speed ahead
Where you too will find
Your story's unread

Forget about later
Unconcerned by before
The present of presence is a
Vast room with no door

Truth is the answer
Be candid, free… naked!
Trust comes from knowing
Acting out your inner self is fated

Caught up in planning, Or
Enjoying the ride?
Well that's the thing
Every choice is your guide

Act on an instinct
Put your cowardice to rest
Nurturing your heart
Will diminish your ego and stress

The most stupendous part
About you freeing your inner you
Is that family, friends, and strangers
Are going to feel it too!

So try it! Be open
Seize every opportunity
By doing this your impact
Will be felt in perpetuity

I'm a passionate person who has lived my life searching for purpose. I believe in positivity, and myself. There is no such thing as coincidence, we make our own luck. There is a reason for everything, we just have to be open to understanding it. The more I have put my energy out there - the more I keep receiving it back.

I've always wanted a creative outlet, I tried to be a blogger twice but the ideas never stuck. I decided my third time would be fully thought out, it would be about my release, but more so about how I can better the people around me. I came up with an idea… onePEACEofRHYME. I hadn't yet started it, as I was slowly building the framework and waiting for the right moment to begin this shared adventure.

The idea is this: Each day I will post about one piece of something (the one thing that jumps out to me that day) with a rhyme to match the feeling. "It's a guide, not a definition. Nothing is definitive in my journey. I can't and won't tell you what's what, just what I see. The whole point is for you to use my random guide to color in your own story. This is a quest to find your own unique satisfaction by the simple pleasures in life."

Amidst my @onePEACEof brainstorm I joined The Listserve just 2 months ago to find inspiration and perspective; I also immediately started working on a poem that would speak to the opportunistic mystery of life. The onePEACEofRHYME I'd want to share with all of you. Well… I finished it just 2 weeks ago and then won The Listserve. How's that for proof?

If you like where my head's at, follow at @onePEACEof as we begin this ride together :)

"Allow yourself to breathe, kick back relax and dream, so many good things come to those who love relentlessly." - White Light by Twiddle

Amanda Jae
Tenacious Passion Seeker
Instagram: @onePEACEof
www dot onePEACEofRHYME dot com (purchased today - hang tight while I get this up and running)

Amanda Rubin
[email protected]

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