Self Appreciation, Kenya is Great!

March 26 2017

Jambo friends,

Seated at the corner in my current office, I am reflecting back….like 20 years ago when I had started knowing what is good and what is bad and you know what! It is a milestone indeed and I’m very grateful to God.

I have achieved so much in life, and I know much more is bound to happen because we have a long way to go. Let us start with this, at 27 I have a complete family, my husband who is in the military and two beautiful girls – Tania and Lynn. I have a job and the latest, my car!. Winning the listserve is another achievement and I’m so excited!

I come from Africa, East Africa, Kenya, Western part of it – a very nice town full of green vegetation and lots of ‘matoke’ (bananas). There are many amazing things about Kenya that people know and maybe do not know. To mention but a few, Kenya is known to be destined for most tourists coming to Africa – we have Mt. Kenya, Masaai mara, Amboseli, Kerio Valley, The great rift and the hot sandy beaches at the coast, fort Jesus is also at the Kenyan coast. I have been to almost all of these places and I assure you, it is an experience you will live to remember. Almost all the international organizations have their headquarters in Nairobi Kenya i.e Google, IBM, United Nations e.t.c, so plan to have a visit and you will surely utilize every value of your penny, contact me if you do not have a tour guide!

I cannot forget to give shout outs to Emmanuel and Moses who introduced me to the listserve.

Thank you all!

Thumbs up to the listserve guys and continue doing the good work!

If you feel like having a chat with me, kindly get in touch through [email protected]

Jescar Opiyo
Kisii, Kenya.
[email protected]

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