I really have to study for this exam but..

March 21 2017

Sugaring season is in full swing here in Vermont, which means there is a lot of maple syrup to go around! If you're not familiar with the culture around production of pure Vermont maple syrup and the health benefits pure maple syrup has, please check it out! As a born and raised "Vermonter", it's an extremely important product to my family who has been producing maple syrup in small batches for over 4 generations.

If you're feeling so inclined, check out what my friends Elliott and Tanner are up to with their sugarbush. Both under the age of 25, they are in their 8th year of growing their business and are now one of the largest maple syrup producers in the Southern Vermont. They are certified organic, sustainable and passionate about growing a business and creating jobs for young people in Vermont. Check out what they're up to on instagram or facebook (at stewart maple).

Thanks for the time! I gotta go take a my last midterm exam of my college career! Wish me luck.

"Find joy in simple pleasures"

Vermont, USA

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