Stream of Consciousness

March 19 2017

Random things on my mind:

- Thank you, Nose Frida, for existing. You are gross, but you are a hero nonetheless.
- Sick baby = sick household. Always.
- Packing for a trip takes longer than the trip itself. (Anyone else struggle with this?)
- Am I so spoiled that I can't be in the house when our heat/plumbing goes out?
- Survivor's (?) guilt about point above.
- If you know someone with Crohn's disease, avoid the following comments:
- "OMG you're so skinny. Lucky!" NO.
- "Are you sure you want to eat that?" YES.
- "You should go gluten free!" NEVER.
- "Try a juice cleanses. It'll rid your body of all the toxins." This is literally the worst thing I could do to myself.
- "Your trips to the doctor are the reason our premiums increased." SOMEONE ACTUALLY SAID THIS TO ME.
- Colonoscopies are fully covered by insurance if you're over 50, so I've got 28 colonoscopies to go before I get to stop paying for them.
- Hospital bills are subjective.
- Having a baby is expensive. Being sick is expensive. Having a baby while sick costs a fortune.
- Yet we can still afford a vacation.
- More guilt about said vacation.
- I don't feel I belong on either side of the political isle, and that's depressing and isolating.
- If you're upset about a movie or book that is against what you believe, don't boycott it. See the movie, read the book, then and ONLY then should you form an opinion.
- I try to do the above, only to find out the uproar was over nothing.
- This makes me sad and frustrated.
- I am one of the people who need heard immunity. Vaccinate yourself and your kids. Please.
- Our neighbor's 6 outdoor cats use our lawn as a litter box and just I can't.
- Anyone in Tokyo want to get together next month?
- I promise I don't actually have real life conversations like this.
- Hi Katherine.

Nashvile, TN

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