Hello from London

March 16 2017

I have to say, I was not expecting to be writing this so soon after signing up and this may pass a number of you by. However, to those who choose to read this, hello there.

I always thought I’d write something profound but instead I’ll send some life lessons and questions out to you all.

The day I received the email saying I’d been selected was International Women’s Day. The world is full of strong, amazing women and I have so many I am lucky enough to call colleagues, friends and family. Some of the rhetoric in the public sphere at present is scary and almost prehistoric, so please celebrate those wonderful people in your lives.

Otherwise I thought I’d write as I go. Here goes.

• The truth hurts, but time heals.

• Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Too much is lost to self-censorship, or lies.

• Don’t be afraid to change things if they aren’t working. I had what was best described as a career existential crisis at 25 and swapped degrees and years of work in psychology for a career in advertising. Whilst I work longer hours, I’m much happier and satisfied. Don’t ignore your red flags.

• Please, please don’t text and drive. We lost my 3-year-old goddaughter last year because someone was doing this in a particularly large vehicle. I implore you, please – whatever it is, it can wait.

• If you’re lonely, sad or depressed, know you are worth more than all the money and wealth in the world. You’re wonderful. Reach out to someone, anyone, to talk. An email is below if you do want to chat.

• Breakfast is the best meal of the day. Baked eggs or avocado & poached eggs on toast wins every time.

• If you’re looking for self-improvement, listen to Tim Ferris’ podcast. The Josh Waitzkin episodes, or the most recent with Phillip Zimbardo are incredibly insightful.

• Any tips for moving or living in New York or Australia (Sydney or Melbourne)? I’m currently looking to move for work so any advice would be much appreciated

• Final Call To Action: Breathe. Make your exhale slightly longer than your inhale, and it will calm you right down (by calming your nervous system). Biology is magic.

Send me a note to say hi. I promise I'll reply: [email protected]

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