You've just won the game!

March 10 2017

Hi everyone,

That was just homage to my favorite Listserve subject line. You know who you are. Respect.

I’m a 26 year-old professional, and I wanted to get your thoughts on what I’ve seen so far in my place of work.

What I’m asking about is, I’ve been seeing more clearly how the women I work with are left out of the loop. When we go out for drinks after work, women either aren’t invited or don’t come. At the office it’s easier for guys to joke around with my (male) boss before the conversation turns to business, getting them in on what’s happening next.

I wanted to ask the Listserve about what men can do to make women feel more welcome in the workplace, and what women do to fit in (and whether this feels congruent with who they are or not). I’ve heard all sorts of things from my female friends about “managing men’s egos” by not appearing too aggressive. Is that really necessary? How can we make this better?

I’d love to hear from you. And since I might not win again, I’d also like to know what it is you’d like to do with this one glorious shot you have at living.

Last, a breather:

"Allow no shadow of regret to cloud you.
No absurd grief to overcast your days.
Never renounce love-songs, or lawns, or kisses
Until your clay lies mixed with elder clay."
-Omar Khayyám


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