No good story started with a salad

January 18 2017

Here I sit looking at a blank note pad. I had it filled until my computer restarted
itself while I was sleeping.
Everything I wrote gone... Like none of my thoughts happened. Would anyone care if I was a female? My age or if I was single? No it would be the words I leave behind.
Treat others as you want to be treated. It can be an effortless action.
Never be afraid to love unconditionally. So many fear about getting hurt but its
all about the growth in our lives.
Don't be afraid to step in if you see something wrong
So many times we allow evil to happen because we are afraid to step in. Evil out weights
the good and we need more good actions in this world.
We are all in each others lives for a reason. Whether it be for a day... month... or years
Something I wrote a while back
The universe is kind of like those revolving doors.... The one as a kid you loved to enter and keep going in a circle.
If you pay close attention to when the door opens to the world... You can see the layers of what is. Sometimes you can see your past life....
Maybe another persons past life.... You will question the universe but they may not give you the answers you seek. Not to be cruel to you...
Once you do see the layers... You become restless with an itch. With a small understanding even if you don't like it.
LOL they say everything happens for a reason and it is true. The path is laid out for you. Its not always an easy one.
Its true what they say.... When you pass its bliss just being a soul without the shell.
The world is hard and cold. We are here to learn and fill a role.

Buried in Florida
[email protected]

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