If I Could Ask For One Thing...

December 27 2016

I've been a part of the list serve for almost 5 years now and I never thought I'd be chosen to write my own. I've thought for a long time about what I would say if I were chosen and now the opportunity has presented itself, I'm at a loss.

I think I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

In 2017, I would like to ask you for one thing, and that's for you to love and to love fearlessly. Be kind in all situations, and give to those who are less fortunate. Try to view the world from someone else's perspective, and let go of the things you cannot control. Live simply, with compassion and humility, and lastly, remember to show gratitude to those who work to serve you.

I wish you all peace, happiness, and love in 2017. Happy New Year!

Champaign, IL

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