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December 20 2016

I am the guy who asked Listserve community to help for marriage proposal two and a half years ago. Some great people among you sent me their photos holding a paper with our names on it. It was such a great surprise for her family that her father started to applause at the end of the video. :)

Now, I am happily and thankfully married with the perfect lady, Suheyla who gave me a son, Kutay Mete, last spring. We were in İstanbul and after his birth we have moved to our hometown, Çorum. We wanted him to have a good enough childhood to learn the names of the animals and plants not from the TV but from the nature. Having travelled in Europe several times, we are seeking for chances to start living there –in a world of refugees…

In Turkish, the words “mekan” (place) and “imkan” (opportunity) has the same roots. Changing the place you are in means changing your opportunities. Living in Turkey, we wake up to a shocking incident everyday. We don’t want our son to live through this. You got it.

Currently, I am working at a public education center that provides both personal and professional education for the local adults. I am into Erasmus+ Projects nowadays. With that I am trying to send some students and milk cooperative workers abroad for internship for a couple of weeks. They have lived in a small and isolated village, Oğuzlar and they, too, deserve to see the rest of the planet.
Suheyla is working at a public secondary school as a councellor. She is also good at embroidery, clay design and fond of South Korean and Indian series. Recently, she has been busy with collecting clothings and stationary equipment for the children of the refugess living in Çorum. (By the way, people of Çorum sent 5 trailer trucks of foodstuff to Aleppo two days ago.)

As modern individuals we are all impervious to advice of any kind.

We believe in friendship.

Skype: [email protected]

Contact us if you:
-want to teach English at a course here
-are seeking for a partner for your Erasmus+ project
-have some extra stuff that you want to give as charity
-are interested in having friends from Turkey
-are thinking about travelling to Middle Anatolia or any kind of volunteering activity.
-need advice on Turkish music, culture etc.
-just want to say hello from time to time
-had sent a photo and want to see the video 

You are always welcome here in our house. As Kutay has always said: “dedde dedde dedde…”

All the best.

mehmet bicer
[email protected]

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