Thank you, America! (From a grateful immigrant)

December 10 2016

I’d like to dedicate this post to America. Coming here (for the second time) as an immigrant, I have been truly amazed at the opportunities that this country has given me to grow into my best self.

From an education alongside the brightest minds I’ve had the privilege of meeting, to friendships with wonderful people. From truly growing up as an individual here, and experiencing an incredibly welcoming culture, to a career I couldn’t have imagined happening — America has hurtled me forward on a path I didn’t even know I was going to pursue, and helped me find myself.

Whether it’s learning that it’s ok to fail, or learning how to jump at an opportunity to stretch outside my comfort zone — or whether it’s becoming self-confident, or understanding that being the best comes from putting together the things that you’re good at — the opportunities and lessons I’ve had in America help me grow better every day.

Most importantly, America has taught me that my identity as an immigrant does not need to be a compromise. I don’t lose my previous identity to form a new one — instead, I build on it to better myself and contribute to society.
Speaking as an immigrant in uncertain times for those of us who came here with hopes and dreams, I want to say that I believe confidently that this nation has built a space where everyone can be their best self, and that we can still move forward. I’m certainly unsure, and a little bit scared and nervous about what the future holds. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to stay here (but I hope never to leave :)

But, this country has taught me to take things in stride. I’ll continue doing the very best I can, as a productive member of society. And I’ll hope for the best. I know that wherever I go next, America has taught me how to take what I’ve learnt and grow once more.

In the meantime, I want to say — Thank you, America, for everything. I hope we’ll have wonderful days ahead!

If you want to talk more about being an immigrant, careers, or anything at all — you can reach out to me right here!


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