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November 14 2016

I was going to try and write a heartfelt thought, but my mind is a mess and I cannot focus on anything long enough to make it sound acceptable or to take out the cliché in it.

So I’ll keep it short and simple.

I have a project I’m extremely excited and optimistic about.
I’m trying to gather and budget as many good simple recipes for students as possible.

University is a scary time for many students, and making meals is overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. Born and raised a foodie, I want to spread my enthusiasm for good food and to teach them how simple and cheap it can be to skip the frozen and pre-packaged foods.

We all spend an insane amount of times either preparing or consuming meals, so why not start to make it enjoyable for ourselves?

I need help in gathering recipes, tips and advice from people around the world who have been in the same position as I have.

The blog is called TheUniFoodie, and I would love to receive help from the people on this list.
Do you have any good knowledge to pass on? Send me an email and let me know!

Any other insight on university, jobs, depression, science or just life in general is very welcome!

I hope you can help me expand my recipe repertoire or if you want to share it amongst your friends, I’m hoping to have an impact on the way my generation views food.

Advanced thanks to anybody to can help out!

On Facebook: /TheUniFoodie0

Glasgow, Scotland
[email protected]

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