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November 07 2016

I value joy, justice, sincerity, and community. I think values are a fantastic way to connect with and learn about other people.

I work for a nonprofit that consumes a lot of my energy, but which I believe in to my core. Foundation Center's mission is to build the capacity of mission-driven people and organizations worldwide, so that they can improve communities in smarter, more connected ways. It's basically a meta-nonprofit -- one that exists to support other nonprofits. Most of our resources are free and data-driven, and most of my colleagues are the most delightful, passionate, and kind nerds---simply the best people! If you're in the nonprofit sector or know people who are, check us out and spread the word.

I'm currently in Geneva on a work trip. I'm stressed by this final week before the American election and the way the news here reflects our political shenanigans. Multiple people have asked me with deep concern why and how we let Donald Trump get so far. I tell them I don't know, and that it's terrifying that one of our presidential candidates is also our biggest punchline and fear. If you're reading this and are able to vote in the US, do not ignore this responsibility! GO VOTE on Tuesday. Hillary Clinton is not perfect, and neither has been any candidate ever. But she's good. Really good. And, she has a lot of smart people around her who understand the responsibility and complexity of leading the country; voting for her is voting for a team of brilliant leaders. We can't assume she'll win (how bout the Cubs, eh?), and need to act to make sure the wrong person isn't elected.

I'm a connector. I connect people with people, people with resources, people with ideas. One of my favorite things is connecting great people, or being connected myself to a great person. One of my biggest pet peeves is being forced into connection, because nobody wants it all the time. When you want to connect people to people, check to make sure that connection is wanted, and then set it up without any obligation or power imbalance.

Things I would love to hear from you about (follow me/connect with me on Twitter and Instagram @jenbo1):
+ Board game suggestions, especially two player strategy games
+ Paid writing and speaking gigs, especially about philanthropy/nonprofits, talent development, effective meetings, and travel
+ Where I can find a great jean jacket that is stylish but not cropped/boxy
+ Anyone who has access to a great venue in NYC that I can reserve some space for free Dec 3 (my 30th birthday is Nov 30; I want to throw a party, reserving space anywhere plus hosting my friends for an hour of open bar is too expensive. I know this is a long shot but I'll give it a go!)

Since I've been traveling a lot this year, I'll share my travel essentials with you:
Bose noise cancelling headphones
Reading theSkimm to stay current
American Air as my go-to airline
Clothes from White House Black Market - amazing quality, affordable, and day to night professional to comfy
Current Podcasts: Two Dope Queens, RadioLab, and Note to Self, and Sleep With Me to fall asleep to
Current book: Can't and Won't -- short stories by Lydia Davis
Battery pack - swag from (powering the youth grantmaking movement...did you know more than $15M has been granted by young people to organizations in the last 15 years?!)
Lavender pouch from the farmers market
Recurring stupidly funny travel laugh: JFK airport always announcing "Can I have your attention please" and me thinking they'll say next "can the real slim shady please stand up."

Have a great November listserv friends. Thanks for keeping this community exciting and minimalist. And thanks to fellow listservian Mike for his smarts on this email :)


Jen Bokoff
Brooklyn, NY

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